A northern reunion

Njurmännen are having an improvised reunion in Stockholm tonight. On the menue is, among lots of other delicacies, brandy flamed kidney. Very fitting.

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“Snö” EP wieder veröffentlicht!

Snö EPAlright! Head over to our Bandcamp and buy/listen to the legendary Snö EP from 1994. This has been out of stock for ages. It was recorded and released just when we were about to become The Rotten Beak.


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Panegyric download

I’ve created a Bandcamp account for Njurmännen. Check it out! First out is the UKON & Njurmännen epic Det Panegyriska, which was included as a CD inlay in UKON’s groundbreaking poetry collection Synopsis, from 2007. Now go listen/buy/download/whatever.

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Audio page updated

Girl wearing headphonesNow you’ll find a couple of songs for your listening entertainment on the audio page.

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New gallery posted

Ford TransitI just posted a new gallery. This one features photographs from the early 1990′s. Enjoy!


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The official Njurmännen website

NM in concert, 1986

Welcome, denizens of the Internet, to the re-vamped website of Njurmännen! Our aim is to present to you pictures, video/audio files and texts that concern our Great Work through the decades.

Check back often, as we in the near future will attempt to fill this space with even more photos, videos, sound clips and paraphernalia.

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