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NM in concert, 1986

Welcome, denizens of the Internet, to the re-vamped website of Njurmännen! Our aim is to present to you pictures, video/audio files and texts that concern our Great Work through the decades.

Check back often, as we in the near future will attempt to fill this space with even more photos, videos, sound clips and paraphernalia.

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Vad ska du med 10000 dörrar till?

I stumbled upon this mixtape by accident. We are in good company, so it’s quite flattering. But why are Joy Division and Modern English on it? They don’t deserve to be up there with artists like This Heat, Chrome, PIL, William Burroughs, and us…

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Interview with Fredrik

Former NM member Fredrik is interviewed by Swedish music blog Poplistan. Read it!


Fredrik is a good bike rider, too!




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Thank you, Totalförsvar!

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Oh, and Stockholm, too…

OK, so Saturday December 10 in Stockholm will not only be about the Nobel gala dinner and neo-nazis marching on the streets. No, it also means that the Royal Swedish Capitol finally gets the chance to enjoy a live performance by UKON+Njurmännen! We are to play at Rönnells antikvariat (Birger Jarlsgatan 32). The venue opens at 6pm, and the entrance is a mere 40 crowns. Welcome, all!

Here’s a link to the event on Facebook.

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NM + Malmö = <3<3<3<3

A return to Malmö. On December 8, we will once again visit that jewel of the south for a gig at Inkonst/Stanza. Together with sensitive poet UKON we will perform the text/sound piece Handlingarna (based on UKON’s latest book w/ the same title; get it from Swedish cult publishing house Drucksache).

More info from Inkonst.


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NM on TV

It seems official now: UKON & Njurmännen are to play at the Hultsfred festival this summer. Here’s a screenshot from the Swedish national broadcasting company’s Kulturnyheterna (“Culture News”).

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Njurmännen on the air

Cancerkliniken by UKON & Njurmännen was played by Radio SOM last week.

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Yet another video :-)

Njurmännen showcasing their efforts from the Gothenburg Space Lab at the Festival of Hard-On Electronics in Ørebro. Sharing the bill were En Halvkokt I Folie, Frak, Enema & Gejonte, and Lille Roger. Check the video section.

SchKüggan i Örebro

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New videos posted

En rymdkaptenThere are two new clips in the video section.  One is from a concert in Linköping in ’91, and the other is the entire performance with Lila and Johan Giöbel at La Club Française in 1992.

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Video archive published

Njurmännen in 1984

Video prodigies in 1984

Njurmännen have always had a keen interest in moving images. We are proud to present to you the possibility to enjoy a couple of highlights from our career as Super-8 and video artists.  Check out the new video section!

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